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ProDental Group Of Amy H Pham A Professional Dental Corp review on Yellow page

Dylan J.

Overall: Expertise - Facility - Professionalism

Hey all! Overall, I would rate ProDental 5/5. I went in there with my sister a few weeks ago expecting quality service and that's what I got! The professionalism was something that deserves to be applauded for. I would easily recommend any family/friends to this place. Everyone there seemed to be extremely knowledgeable (as I would hope haha). It was a about as good as an experience as any dentist visit can be.

Patrick N.

Overall: Expertise - Facility - Professionalism

Can't say that I have any negative comments about ProDental. I've been to a lot of different dentists before and this experience was miles ahead of my average experience. They're professionals at what they do. I would come back any day. I highly recommend ProDental to anyone reading this. Thanks.

Stan N.

Overall: Expertise - Facility - Professionalism

After reading the other reviews, I decided I would try Dr. Pham because my tooth pain wasn't going away. I have to say Dr. Pham is worth every penny! To begin with, her office returned my call within 10 mins on a Friday morning and met me within the hour. She was was able to identify the problem right away. She is a very kind person and I will refer to her if I ever have another situation.

Clinton N.

Overall: Expertise - Facility - Professionalism

Everyone is so helpful and understanding at ProDental! I get the sense that they genuinely care about you as a patient. They answered and questions I threw at them and I felt like I learned a lot of new things about my teeth (and how to maintain them). I've had some bad experiences before when it came to anything like this, but I am convinced that this is one of my best experiences to date!

Kenn T.

Overall: Expertise - Facility - Professionalism

I have to extend my sincere compliments to the entire staff at ProDental! They are AWESOME!!! It is not a surprise that many of us dread going to see a dentist, but I actually say, that I look forward to my routine 6 month visits for cleaning. It is very hard to come by an office which is run so efficiently, takes the utmost regard for patient comfort and cleanliness, while at the same time providing such excellent services for their patients. I would highly recommend the dentist and her staff to anyone seeking a reliable, and honest dentist.

Prod Y.

Overall: Expertise - Facility - Professionalism

I came in here with my daughter a few months ago. The service from the beginning to the end was flawless. I have no complaints and would recommend this place to anyone! She left happy and will definitely be returning with we need some dental work done. Thanks ProDental!

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