Toothaches and numb teeth?

To learn about the condition of tooth pain and numbness of the teeth, we must meet with each other to find out the cause is what we go together to find out the cause of this symptom.

Causes of dental enamel failure which leads to pain and numbness of the teeth are caused by improper care, irregular, and incorrect brushing technique according to the instructions of the doctor. The patient’s choice of toothbrush and toothpaste, as well as an irrational mouthwash, are also factors, as there are many bleach ingredients that make teeth enamel prone to erosion.

Another factor of tooth enamel damage that is not mentioned often is the food on the menu every day. Foods that contain too much acid will cause tooth enamel damage. Other bad habits such as grinding teeth while sleeping, and the habit of using your teeth to open bottle caps, lids, and the impact of external forces such as accidents or collisions are also causes.

When teeth enamel is damaged it will not be able to continue to cover and protect the inner layer of the dentin, leading to increased pain, and numbness due to sensitive dentin exposed directly to the environment and food. This condition will lead to serious complications affecting oral health. Most affect the psychology of patients, upset the daily activities, and reduce the quality of life as well as work work life.

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