Why are teeth more sensitive after bleaching?

After whitening, sensitive teeth are a very normal problem. In the process of bleaching, you may not feel anything and may feel comfortable despite the fact that the doctor is in your mouth. However, after bleaching is complete, you may feel a little pain, sometimes a sense of discomfort.

The cause of this condition is due to the fact that the anesthetic that has started to lose its effects and the side effects of the bleach started to develop. Because bleach contains a very high detergent, hence the term bleaching, sensitive teeth will be caused later, even when using the prescribed dosage.

However, this feeling of sensitive teeth will only last until around 24 hours after bleaching. This feeling will go away soon and you will no longer feel sensitive when you eat.

Teeth Whitening is a whitening method that helps teeth whiten and look aesthetically pleasing. It has a beautiful effect on the mouth and does not affect oral health if the entire bleaching process is properly performed by a specialist. Bleaching does not have a strong impact on oral health so there is no need to worry about weakened teeth after bleaching.

If symptoms persist for a long time and there are no signs of remission, then you may need to go to the dentist and take timely remedies as prescribed.

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